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One of our favourite dishes to make with apples is to make it into an apple crumble. This is a simple recipe which involves cooking apples, flour and a little bit of mess, oh yeah and also custard if you like to have that with pie deserts. It will be messy so you have been warned!

First you need to cut the cooking apples, into about eights so they are thin enough to be lain on top of each other sideways. Find a shallow bowl or dish and lay them down flat so you have moon shapes all the way across the bottom and add two or three layers of apples on top.

Then you need to make the crumble, this is just flour, oil, butter mixed together by your fingertips.

500grams of flour

Teaspoon of oil

100 grams of butter

100 grams of sugar

Now for the messy bit!

Put the flour into a bowl, add the butter and oil and then create the crumble. Do this by mixing them all together with your hands and fingers and lift the mixture halfway up the bowl into the air and rubbing it with your fingers and thumb. I rub my thumb from my little finger to my index finger and make sure the dough becomes crumbly. Once all of the dough is a nice crumbly mixture, so that the dough is not sticky, then you add sugar and lightly mix with your fingers again. Then you just put all of the crumble on top of the apples, you need to cover all the apples. You can also add some more sugar on top and any kind of pastry that you want. It will look messy so don’t worry about that, as long as you cover all of the apples then you can put it into the oven. The oven can be at gas mark 5 or 6 and you just leave it in for 30 minutes.

While it’s cooking you can clean up the table and your hands, 30 minutes can take a while so why not make yourself some tea and check what’s on the TV. You can even give someone a call and tell them what you have been making and maybe they’d like to visit for some apple crumble. You can also start on your custard. Sorry I don’t know how to make the custard I cheat and buy the stuff from the store. Then I put in a bowl and mix with bowling water and use the microwave!

You can test it at 20 minutes to see if it’s cooking, just put a knife in the middle and see if the crumble is hard and the apples soft and mushy so that it will be edible. After 30 minutes if it isn’t cooked then leave it in for another 5 or 10 minutes you can be the judge of that.

After it’s ready you can eat it! It may be a bit sour so you can add sugar or custard or jam whatever you want to sweeten the taste. Make sure the apples and dough are cooked so you don’t get sick. 

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