Banana Burrito

A crispy crust, coated in cinnamon sugar, drizzled in chocolate, surrounding a soft, golden center…a thought that is simply mouth watering. Fried bananas and plantains are often used in Central American cooking as a tasty, succulent treat, and adding just a little Mexican flair to them can make everyone happy when the time for dessert comes. Banana burritos are fun and easy to make, and they are something that children can help with.

Serves 4-8, Preparation time about 20 minutes


Frying pan or deep frier



Paper towels

Flat plate


Oil, enough to immerse the burritos

4 bananas (still slightly green)

4 medium-sized flour tortillas

8 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 cup of granulated sugar

2/3 cup of cinnamon

Chocolate syrup

Whipped cream (optional)


Heat your oil. It should be very hot to allow quick cooking so the bananas are not terribly greasy. Peel your bananas. They should be firm, as they will be softened while they are frying. Take your bananas and wrap them a tortilla, using toothpicks to hold the tortilla in place. Your children can do this task if they wish, and they might very well enjoy doing something new with a favorite snack food.

Mix the sugar and cinnamon on a plate, stirring until even. A bowl would be easier for mixing, but then you will end up washing a bowl and a plate.

Take the burritos and place them in the hot oil with the tongs. They should fry just long enough for the tortillas to become crispy but not burnt. This should take just a few minutes if the oil is hot enough. Remove the banana burritos from the oil with tongs and place them on paper towels to dry slightly. You will still want just a little bit of oil so the cinnamon sugar will sick to the burritos.

Remove the toothpicks and roll the burritos in the cinnamon sugar mix and place them on serving plates. You can slice them in half for smaller servings if you like. Place scoops of ice cream with the burritos, and sprinkle the remaining cinnamon sugar on the ice cream (or just use plain cinnamon). Drizzle with chocolate syrup and serve while the burrito is still hot.

Banana burritos are a wonderful treat that is easy, fun, and fast to make. A great dessert for the warm spring and summer months, it can quickly become a family favorite.

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