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Something about the color purple attracts your eyes and makes you think about the words ‘elegance, royalty, beautiful.’ But you seldom associate the word with something edible like dessert food. In certain countries, the yam plant comes in many varieties. And one outstanding species is the purple yam, which is literally purple in color (some deep parts of it are violet, with dark velvety-like hues). The roots that turn mature in due time will be harvested, sold, pounded and would usually be turned to flour-form to prepare it for your favorite recipes. This purple yam flour becomes the basis of this recipe. 

Prepare the items in the recipe (some of which you can probably order online if you’re not living near a well-stocked Asian supermarket):

2 packs of purple yam flour, 480 grams each pack

1 package of cassava flour, usually at 1 lb each bag

2 large size eggs

1 can of coconut milk, usually at 13.5 ounces a can

1 pouch of unsweetened coconut meat (you can replace this with a 12-ounce jar of coconut strings, typically called ‘macapuno’ in most Asian stores)

1 and a half cups of melted butter1 can of 14-ounce sweetened condensed milk


1) Toss into a big bowl the yam flour, cassava flour, eggs, coconut milk and condensed milk. Mix them well all together until they form into a batter. Set aside in the meantime.

2) Set oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

3) Place the batter into your baking pan that has been pre-greased with your favorite cooking oil spray or shortening.

4) Put pan into the oven and bake for at least 50 minutes, which period can make a firmer cake. If you’re familiar with baking techniques, you may reduce the minutes according to your experience, and you’ll in turn have a more spongy cake.

5) When done, bring out the pan from oven and place it on a wire rack. Pour and spread melted butter all over the top of the cake. 

6) Using a fork, distribute coconut strings on top of the cake. You may use all the contents of the bottle, following your preferences. 

7) Place the pan again inside the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. And bake for at least 10 minutes, which will make the cake’s top turn a bit brown.

Cool completely before serving. This has been inspired by a recipe shared with  the author by his friend Mela who, one time, brought her squared pieces of ube cassava cake already packed in foil to their regular Friday evening prayer meeting group. The cake turned into an instant favorite for everyone who was around that night.

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